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The ultimate destination for learning everything about Moodle. Whether you're a teacher, course creator, or developer, we have a wide array of resources and courses designed to cater to your specific needs.

Mastering Moodle LMS for teachers and course creators

For Teachers

Discover how to effectively navigate and utilise Moodle's Gradebook feature, enabling you to streamline your grading process and efficiently manage student progress. Our comprehensive courses provide step-by-step guidance on setting up grade categories, inputting grades, and generating reports. Enhance your teaching experience by mastering other Moodle activities that foster student engagement and interaction.

For Course Creators:

Unleash your creativity and build captivating courses with our expert guidance. Explore a variety of instructional design strategies and learn how to structure your course materials effectively within the Moodle platform. Dive into the creation of interactive activities, discussion forums, quizzes, and assignments that promote active learning. Our courses empower you to design engaging and immersive learning experiences for your students.

AE Andreas E      
Great Introduction for beginners in Moodle. 

MS Michael S      
Very systematic course with many useful topics 

MO Marcus O      
Very good overview and explanations. I am using Moodle for nearly a decade now and can say that Chris did a great job explaining the bits and pieces!

Moodle plugin Development 101 for developers

Take your Moodle expertise to the next level with our specialized courses tailored for developers. Delve into the intricacies of plugin development, theme customization, and advanced Moodle functionalities. Gain hands-on experience with coding exercises and unlock the potential to extend and customize Moodle to meet your specific requirements. Our courses provide the knowledge and tools you need to excel as a Moodle developer. 

Join Ricoshae today and gain access to our extensive collection of courses, meticulously designed to cater to the needs of teachers, course creators, and developers. Elevate your Moodle skills and unleash the full potential of this powerful learning management system. With Ricoshae, you'll find a supportive community, expert guidance, and a wealth of resources to embark on an exciting journey of Moodle mastery.

KN Kelly N      
The teacher explains very well, very well commented code, simple and easy to read code, and the most important part "up to date."! I believe this will be a great course for anyone that wants to start with Moodle plugins to learn the basics.

RL Raphael L      
I had no ideas of creating plugins in moodle and after the course I know how the db works and how to add stuff in moodle. Now I can write plugins by my own pretty much, not on an expert level but the course is for beginners.

TM Tyler M      
Very high recommend Moodle developer tutorial. You will also learn the background of work flow of Moodle. The author is actively visits the content and will answer if you struggle

Chris Richter 

Chris Richter is the CEO and founder of Ricoshae, a company that specializes in digital content creation for online education. Chris has a vast experience in web development, digital media, and programming, having honed his skills over the course of his career, which spans back to the dawn of the internet.

Before starting his own company, Chris was an Online Development Officer at Australia's largest vocational and education training organisation, where he managed thousands of online students and teachers, and supported their online course platforms.

He also led the development of Cloudstor, a file-sharing software that earned him a Highly Commended Award from the Australian Telecommunications User's Group (ATUG) in 2011. Chris has developed content for over 200 online courses, covering various topics, including animal studies, music business, retail, and eco-tourism.

He has received numerous awards, including the Premier's Public Sector Award and the NBSA Step ahead online program award.

Chris has also presented at several conferences on digital media and online education, including the eResearch conference, ITEC conference, and the Sydney mLearn conference.


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